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* Once upon a t…

May 6, 2012

* Once upon a time, I knew someone who was kind, intuitive, relaxed. Then he went to another country. Now he comes across as brash and brazen and sometimes a non-feeling person. I know I cannot blame a country and its lifestyle and its people for what it did to my friend. But don’t our societies affect us subconsciously? And if they do, then it is but natural for us to become how others in those societies that we live in expect us to be. So at a very subconscious level, we adopt the mannerisms, language nuances and set up defenses around our hearts and minds. We change. 

Is it the fear of this change that always made me fear leaving my country? Yes and that I cannot bear to be away from its dynamics for a long time. I love this India, with all its good and its bad. There is nothing in this country that I cannot embrace. I hate its myopic understanding of things sometimes, I hate its in ability ti rise above itself and i hate so many more things. But as a whole, as a sum total for what it contains and what it aspires to be, I love this goddamn country to bits. Regressive it may seem, but I could never get myself to shift abroad because I feared that I would never be able to love it the same way. 

* I can’t get enough of Terry Pratchett. Where was this man all my life? Every time I read something profound by this man, I am at a loss of words on how well and beautifully he has put across something. 


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  1. August 11, 2012 13:30

    Somehow I relate to this. Looking myself in a mirror..

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