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May 13, 2012

S is an artist, in the deepest and the superficial bit of his heart. And yet, he is to take this aspect of his life and turn into something fantastic. I wish it was just about that first step that we feel too shy to take. But after having pretty much majored in postponing your dreams, I understand what is keeping him from getting started, that first brushstroke.

It goes by the name of complacency. Comfort Zone. One day I will get there scenario.

That little room, more like a quicksand, with gum too, is such a comfortable place that it is just so nice to complain from there. That little muddy spot that grows larger and larger everyday until it phases out whatever you really cared about and dreamt towards. That is complacency.

* I have met some petty people in the world, but the present lot I am dealing with is by far the worst. It is either their way or no other way. And they are position of power. Why is power so blinding? Why do we forget that a reign ends sooner or later. Wasn’t there something about being nice to people on your way up since you will be meeting them on your way down. Is it mental growth that the attitudes that would have completely pissed me off a year ago, just bring pity out of me? It has to be. It has to be. 

*This is going to be a series till I get my groove back.


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